Bathroom Demolition

Complete bathroom tear our and disposal service

Bathroom Demolition & Haulaway

Bathroom demolition is the first step in the glorious process to getting your brand new bathroom! Even if you know how to do some of the demolition and remodeling in the bathroom, that does not mean you will have time to do it. Many things require experienced bathroom experts to remove safely without causing any damage to your electoral, plumbing and framing. Likewise, many of the tools you will need are cost prohibitive, so if you cannot rent those, hiring a professional contractor might be a best and wise option. Our bathroom remodeling experts can tear our you’re exist bathroom safely and haul everything away!

The Process

Demolition: Our expert set up drop cloths on the floor where they will be walking. Everything you want gone will be carefully removed & loaded up into our service vans. Every nail, screw and staple will get removed. The area will then get cleaned up and vacuumed.

Haul Away/Disposal: We either pack up all the demolition materials into our service vans and haul away to dispose at a waste management facility or if there is enough demo with your permission we can set up a small Bagster in a non intrusive location to fill up and get picked up by waste management collection trucks 

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