We offer a variety of different services for bathrooms. We do everything from tile & grout maintenance to full bathroom remodels. We can help you with something as small as repairing small water damaged bathrooms to complete tear out and rebuild of your existing bathroom. Please look below for services offered or feel free to contact us directly.

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Shower head and running cold shower. Bathroom.

Tub To Shower

No longer have young kids? Don’t spend anymore time soaking in the bathtub? We can tear out you existing bathtub and convert the space into a walk in shower.

Tiled Shower Stall

Is your existing shower falling apart or leaking? Stop the damage before it get worse! Build a new solid cement base tiled walk in shower & add value to your home.

Tiled Bathtub Surround

Is your existing plastic bathtub surround discolored or cracking? Do you simply want to add more character to your bathroom or bring more value to your home? We can install a new tiled tub surround! 

Contemporary technician in workwear installing pipe system by bathtub

New Bathtub Installation

Is your existing bathtub old? Chipped? Stained? Pitted? We can replace your existing bathtub with a new bathtub of your choosing!

Floor tiles installation. Ceramic tiles and tools for home improvement, renovation

Floor & Wall Tile Installation

Installation of tile on floors & walls.

Bathroom Rejuvenation

Bring the life back into your existing old bathroom by restoring the look of your existing tile, grout, bathtub & shower.


Like your existing tile but dont like the stained, damaged or low groutlines? We can fix that with our regrout service!


Is your existing caulking discolored? Stained? Cracked or covered with mold? We can remove all of your existing caulking and replace that with Mold Resistant 100% Silicone that will outperform and outlast traditional caulking!

Handsome builder stands by the window and holds a huge hammer

Bathroom demolition

Don’t want to get your hands dirty? We offer full bathroom demolition & haul away

Underfloor heating installation concept. Mat elecric heating sys

In Floor Radiant Heat

want the durability of a tile floor but don’t want the cool surface? No problem. We offer in floor radiant heat installation.

Man Cleaning Shower Glass In Bathroom.

Shower Glass Doors Enclosures

Is your shower curtain just not doing the job at keeping water inside your shower? Is your shower curtain hiding the new beautiful shower or tub surround you just had done? We can install a new shower glass enclosure to fix that!

new bath installation, new house installation of plumbing, faucets, water and sewerage.

Bathroom Plumbing

Updating your bathroom? That is the best time to update your shower valve/fixtures while the walls are open and it’s easy to reach! 

Tile & Grout Acid Cleaning

Looking to refresh your bathroom without doing any major remodeling? We offer Tile & Grout acid cleaning to restore the look of your existing tile and grout.

Tile Repair / Replace

Have a few tiles that have been damaged? Still have some extra tiles tucked away? Dont want to replace the entire area? We can remove the damaged tiles and reinstall new tiles & grout.

Bathtub Resurfacing

Looking to brighten up your existing stained or damaged bathtub but want to avoid the cost of a full tear out and replacement? We can get your existing bathtub reglazed for you!

Floor Self Leveling

Home settled causing uneven bowed or dipped floor? we can fix that with self leveling cement. your floor can be even & flat again!

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