Bathroom Rejuvenation

Is remodeling your existing bathroom out of your budget? Is your bathroom and tile in decent condition but just looks tired and in need of a rejuvination to bring it back to life? We can help you.

Existing Bathroom Rejuvenation

Many homeowners want a beautiful bathroom but just simple don’t have the budget to do a full bathroom remodel. We have all been there. If your bathroom doesn’t have any water damage or any under the surface damage, you can simply renew your existing bathroom, shower, tub surround or floor without Bathroom Rejuvenation Service. Our trained professionals can assess the scope of rejuvination work required to renew your bathroom and bring the life back into it for many more years to come. Not only does this revive your old bathroom visually but also extends the life of it, by protecting it from any water leaking past your existing old cracked sealant or low groutlines. 

The Process

Inspection: First thing we would need to do is schedule an in home moring estimate to be able to inspect your bathroom visually and assess the extent of what needs attention. We inspect for things like failed or molded caulking sealant, stained, low or cracked grout lines, cracked or loose tiles, leaking toilet seals, leaking shower valve/fixtures, water damage to drywall, leaking shower base pans and leaking sink plumbing. From there we compile and estimate of what needs to be done to revive your old bathroom to its previous beautiful stage.

Caulking Silicone: Most of the time old bathroom have failed silicone or caulking sealant along all the corners which is a vital part of protecting your shower area from water being absorbed into the wall frame. If water reaches behind the tile to your wall framing it can cause mold and mildew growth as well as your wood frame to swell as it absorbs water causing expansion and tile/grout to crack on the surface. That will give more areas for water to travel behind the tile and cause more water damage. It becomes a snowball effect of problems. To avoid this problem we will cut out/remove all your existing damaged caulking, treat any mold or mildew that gets exposed and install new mold resistant 100% silicone sealant in all needed corners.

Tile Cleaning: If your tiles have noticeable staining or soap/wax build up, that usually creates a traction surface area for more stains to grab onto or mold to grow. We eliminate this by acid cleaning all of your tiles to remove any deposits on your tile to bring them back to their original shine and look.

Grout: Low or Cracked grout is a  major factor in water damaged showers. If they are not taken care of fast enough eventually water seeps down far enough to cause water damage and mold growth behind the tile, causing surrounding tiles to lose adhesion and crack and eventually coming off the wall. If very important to address the grout issues early. If you have failing grout then we will need to do a regrout on all the grout effected. Which consists of us cutting out all of your existing grout and replacing it with a new high quality mold resistant maintenance free grout. If your grout is in good shape but is just covered in surface stains we would acid clean your grout with acid that would dissolve years of surface stain build up.

Bathtub: If you have an existing bathtub that has faded or discolored over the years it possible to bring back the shine and original look. We can acid clean your bathtub to dissolve those stubborn stains you couldn’t get out.


Common Questions

It can take 1-3 days depending on the condition of your bathroom

We would provide all labor and materials

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