Is your caulking or silicone cracking? peeling? growing mold? or just simply missing? You are in need of a recaulking service!


Whether it’s your shower, tub, sink or back-splash, caulking plays a crucial role in protecting your surfaces against water damage, mold and expensive repairs. When you start to notice cracking, peeling, separation, mold, mildew, hardening, or no caulk at all, it’s time to get that surface recaulked. New caulking will also significantly improve the look of any surface to like new. While caulking isn’t permanent, we have put in the time and effort to understand how it works and how to get the most out of it. That’s why all of our caulking lasts for a minimum of 5 years. Let the experts take care of all your caulking needs with over 30 custom colors to match your tile and grout perfectly.

Shower and Bathtub Re Caulking

Wet areas are a great hideout for mold and mildew, so next time you’re in your shower take a look around and make sure your caulking is secure. Even the slightest separation can cause mold to grow underneath the caulk and turn into water damage or even cause health issues. In wet areas, we only use premium 100% silicone caulking with microban for added mold and mildew protection. Over 10 custom colors for a perfect match. In dry areas, we use a premium acrylic based caulk, which allows for a paintable, mold and mildew free and crack free surface. (Sanded or non-sanded options in over 20 colors.)

  • Surfaces that may need caulking or recaulking.
  • Showers, tubs, sinks and fixtures.
  • Backsplashes
  • Thresholds and Trim – Tile/Wood, Tile/Doors, Tile/Drywall

Our process includes: Removal of all old caulking, treating/cleaning any visible mold or mildew with Mold Killer to kill any residual mold or mildew and drying of all joints to insure a water tight, long lasting grasp to the surface.

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