Tile Repair / Replace

Sick of looking at those old broken tiles that just keep getting worse? Above All Tile & Stone offers professional tile replacement service 

Professional Tile Replacement Service

Tile replacement and removal should be performed by a experienced professional in order to ensure top quality results.  By extracting and replacing individual tiles, Above All Tile & Stone can make the necessary grout repairs to make your tile surface look like new again. 

If you have one tile or more that’s damaged? Do you have access to more of this same tile? There is no need to replace all your tile.  Our tile replacement services allow you to keep the same elegant design that you started out with. You won’t have one tile that is a different color or shade than the rest of the tiles. All of your tiles will match completely, so you will feel comfortable in knowing that your floor is going to look excellent with a replacement. 

Know Before You Start

  • Matching your broken tile may be difficult if it’s an unusual shade, size, or texture. If you don’t have any extra tiles from the original installation, consider removing a chunk of the broken tile and taking it to the store to find a match.
  • Having a sample of the existing tile also helps you match it for thickness. You can add mastic to raise a replacement tile that’s too thin, but a tile that’s too thick calls attention to the repair.
  • Unless your tile broke from an accidental impact or settling of the house, investigate the cause of the damage. Broken floor tiles, for example, may be the result of problems with your subfloor that should be repaired before you replace the tile.

The Process

Tile Extraction: First step to replacing a damaged tile. Our service pros will carefully remove the grout around the tile/tiles that need to be replaced prior to extracting the tile. This ensures that the force of the removal doesn’t damage the tile around the damaged tile. Then the tile will carefully be extracted piece by piece to ensure the surface below the tile doesn’t get damaged to a point of repair.

Surface Prep: Once the tile is removed the surface below will require sanding or scraping to remove the existing thinset mortar or adhesive to make room for new thinset mortar to be applied to set the new tile.

Setting Tile: Once the surface has been prepared properly, new matching tile will get set into place with thinset mortar. To grout same day our service pros will use Speed Set Rapid Setting Thinset to set the tile, it will ensure that the tile will set solid in 30min-1hr. After the tile and thinset mortar is set, the area is ready to be grouted.

Grout Installation: At this point our service pros will see if they can identify the brand and color of the grout that was initially used to match the grout color. If they cant get an identical match, our service pros will match the grout as close as possible to the grout colors available. The grout will get mixed and installed into the groutlines between the tiles. Once the grout dries the tile will get wiped down of any excess grout haze and the replacement is complete. You should avoid any foot traffic on the replaced tiles for 24-48 hours to ensure the tile if full set and wont move.

Common Questions

Clients will have to provide the replacement tile for our service pros to replace.

If you don’t have any replacement tiles that match on hand you should first take a measurement and picture of your tile and visit all your local tile stores to try to find a match.

It matters on how many tiles are being replaced, what kinda tile is being replaced and what surface its being replaced on, Most of the tile replacement project take anywhere from 3-5 hours.

Your choices would be to either find the closest matching tile to replace your broken tile with or if you don’t want a patchy look to your tile surface you might want to consider replacing the entire tiled area.

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